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Independent Commercial Property Specialists

Murchison Group provides an independent strategic property advisory service.

Organisations with demanding property portfolios often struggle to realise their asset potential due to the time required to stay on top of the property market’s ever-changing dynamics.

Murchison Group provides an independent strategic property advisory service for organisations looking to acquire, develop, manage and divest their property portfolio.

As communication is key to this process, we work collaboratively with you to obtain an in-depth understanding of what you want to achieve and what role the property interests play in your business performance.

Using our extensive knowledge and expertise in the commercial property market, we are then able to complete a comprehensive review of the property portfolio and provide a strategic property plan that aligns with your business objectives.

In addition, Murchison Group offers Trust Services through Touchstone Trustees.

These services include:

  • Review of client’s trust structures, domestic and international;
  • Assessment of creditor and relationship property risk;
  • Integration with family succession plan; and
  • Consideration of trust administration issues.

Murchison’s advisory service includes

  • Portfolio review;
  • Core vs non-core interests;
  • Strategic planning;
  • Property sourcing and evaluation;
  • Lease negotiations;
  • Premises reinstatement;
  • Consultant coordination;
  • Project management; and
  • Trust services.

Our Clients Include:

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